RapidEye Images


RapidEye images have by their spectral, spatial, radiometric and temporal resolutions, technical requirements that ensure products and analysis with high precision geospatial information.

The RapidEye constellation consists of 5 satellites and allows the acquisition of images in 5 multispectral bands, with the same spatial resolution, and also provides orthorectified images with 5 meters. The RapidEye satellites have the Red Edge band, located in a range of the electromagnetic spectrum that has high correlation with the chlorophyll fluorescence, and can be used to discriminate different types of vegetation and land use and land cover in more detail and precision.

The 12-bit radiometric resolution allows more reliable, accurate results and less time interpreting, processing and editing, given the greater capacity of discrimination of targets that make up the environment or mapped feature.

Among its main features and advantages, it is its high revisit capacity on the same point of interest. With up to 5 million sqkm collected daily, and daily revisits, you can perform several collections from the same area, increasing the likelihood of acquiring images without cloud cover.

The easiness and the guarantee of access to orthorectified images with 5 m spatial resolution, which allow mapping at different scales in a short time, even for large areas, due to a swath of 77 km wide (up to 1,500 km long) creates effective operating conditions to ensure the implementation and effectiveness of projects that cover large areas.


Band Spectral Range
Blue 440-510 nm
Green 520-590 nm
Red 630-685 nm
Red Edge 690-730 nm
Infrared 760-850 nm


Number of satellites 5
Orbit altitude 630 km in Sun-synchronous orbit
Equator crossing time 11:00 am (approximately)
Speed 27.000 km/h
Swath width 77 km
Revisit time Daily (off-nadir) / 5 days (at nadir)
Image capture capacity 4.5 million Sqkm / day
Sensor type Multi-spectral (pushbroom imager)
Spectral Bands 5 5 (Red, Green, Blue, Red Edge, Near IR)
Nominal Spatial Resolution 6,5 m
Radiometric resolution 12 bit*